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Walk Again: Transformation and Hope from Lions Prostheses Centre

Lions Prostheses Centre (LPC) has been transforming lives since its inception, providing prosthetic limbs to those in need and enabling them to lead full, independent lives. Recognizing the profound impact of LPC’s work, Li Foundation is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of two inspirational short documentaries that highlight LPC’s incredible efforts. These documentaries were first screened at the LPC 4-Year Celebration Charity Gala Dinner, showcasing the profound impact LPC has on its beneficiaries.

Singapore has one of the world’s highest rates of diabetes-related amputations, with more than 1,500 cases annually, or about four each day. The high costs of artificial limbs deprive many low-income victims of the independence they deserve, forcing them to rely on crutches or wheelchairs. To address this critical issue, a group of Lions Clubs in Singapore founded the LPC in 2020. LPC is dedicated to offering prosthetic limbs to low-income amputees, enabling them to regain independence and lead full, productive lives.

The two documentaries, “LPC Walk Again,” unveils the heartwarming origin story of LPC and its mission to support financially challenged individuals and takes viewers on an emotional journey through the real-life stories of beneficiaries, showcasing their significant physical, emotional, and mental transformations.

Li Foundation believes that every story deserves to be well told and recognizes the power of documentaries in bringing these stories to life. As the Platinum Sponsor, Li Foundation is committed to supporting initiatives that foster innovation, integration, and impact. These documentaries demonstrate the transformative power of philanthropy and the incredible outcomes that can be achieved through collective support.

About the Lions Prostheses Centre

Lions Prostheses Centre (Singapore) (“LPC”) was founded in 2020 by a group of Lions Clubs to provide prosthetic limbs to low-income amputees. As a Social Service Agency, LPC focuses on funding and providing prosthetic limbs to those in need. As it works towards establishing its own prostheses fabrication centre, LPC encourages more Lions Clubs to join this meaningful initiative and help serve the community.

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