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Unveiling Philanthropic Pathways: The Launch of ‘A Philanthropist’s Guide to Giving’ in Chinese

On February 2, 2024, at the Singapore Management University (SMU), the Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) celebrated a pivotal moment for philanthropy in Asia with the unveiling of the Chinese edition of A Philanthropist’s Guide to Giving: Asia-based Insights from Asia Philanthropy Circle《慈善家捐赠指南 — 亚洲慈善协会之亚洲视界》. This guide, enriched with 31 case studies from eight countries across Asia, draws on the extensive experiences of APC members. 慈善家捐赠指南 aims to inspire and facilitate strategic philanthropy within the Chinese-speaking community and is part of APC’s efforts to broaden and enhance giving capacity within the regional ecosystem.

Supported by the collaborative efforts of the Li Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the China Institute for Philanthropy and Social Innovation (CIPSI) at the Renmin University, Beijing, the book launch was a celebration of new beginnings and an acknowledgment of Asia’s unique philanthropic landscape.

A Gathering of Minds

The book launch, co-hosted by the Lien Centre for Social Innovation and the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at SMU, featured a panel of seasoned philanthropists, including Mr. Laurence Lien, Co-Founder and CEO of APC, and Professor Kang Xiaoguang, Dean of CIPSI. They shared profound insights, emphasizing that philanthropy taps into our inherent human nature to be compassionate and the desire to transcend life and death by leaving behind a legacy. In contrast to Western cultures, Asian societies prioritize community, respect for authority, and family bonds, influencing a unique philanthropic perspective and approach.

The speakers in the panel discussion shared their personal journeys and insights, highlighting the critical role of engaging the next generation in philanthropy. The necessity of adapting international knowledge to local contexts, and the significance of strategic philanthropy in tackling societal issues at their core.

Bridging Philanthropic Worlds

Led by Mr. Lionel Li, Vice Board Chairman of CIPSI, and guided by the scholarly expertise of Professor Kang, the translation and research for the guide in Chinese were skillfully executed. This effort ensured the guide was not only linguistically precise but also culturally resonant with the Chinese philanthropic landscape. Professor Kang’s deep understanding of Chinese philanthropy has enriched the guide, rendering it an invaluable resource for Chinese-speaking philanthropists seeking to navigate the complexities of impact giving.

The Li Foundation is honored to have supported and contributed to this crucial project, recognizing the guide as an essential resource for inspiring and aiding the philanthropic community. By promoting a deeper understanding and a strategic approach to philanthropy, we are committed to fostering a more compassionate and impactful society. This publication represents a significant step in our ongoing dedication to cultivating a culture of giving that transcends borders and generations, setting a new benchmark for philanthropy in Asia.

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