uniquely ~ Amazing Anthonia
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Uniquely ~ Amazing Anthonia

Ms. Anthonia Hui, a self-made entrepreneur, a committed philanthropist and the CEO and co-founder of AL Wealth Partners. She has supported the Singapore arts community for nearly two decades since she became a Wild Rice Angel in October 2002. In the last decade, she and her husband, Mr. Leonardo Drago have also supported causes for the education and nutrition of underprivileged children in Asia and the eradication of human trafficking. One other cause that is especially dear to them, is the tackling issues in eldercare. Ms. Anthonia shared, “We realized it is our social duty to do something about this because it is possible to age healthily and capably.”

With a hope to boost exploration and discovery on extending the healthy aging of human life span, maintaining independence and active function later in life, Ms. Anthonia and her husband support the Centre for Healthy aging at the National University of Singapore. Funded research that provides the opportunity for scientists to have new ideas, test them and then find ways to use the knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

It was a captivating morning for us at Li Foundation, listening to Ms. Anthonia shares on her personal life experiences and involvement in philanthropic works. A humble and enthusiastic lady who cares deeply for the communities. She believes money does not define a person. It is a tool and if one can use it well, it will be a win for everyone! 

LIF looks forward to future collaborations that calls out to both parties and together we hope to embark on a journey to create a meaningful impact to the community, locally and globally!

uniquely ~ Amazing Anthonia

Growing up in poverty, I have experienced alienation personally. Because of that, my husband and I decided to learn and understand how philanthropy can help facilitate or make critical changes to those who need help and equip them to survive out of their own odds. We joined the Asia Philanthropy Circle, working and learning alongside those who have done that and continue to do this through our common goal: encouraging dialogue and cooperation. Not only have I learnt so much but I’ve also witnessed heart-warming moments of connection, engagement and enlightenment.

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