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Session with Mr. Tan Cheng Gay

31 March 2021

Appreciating the Past, Paying it Forward

It is our honour to have received Mr. Tan Cheng Gay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EnGro Corporation Limited at our office for an insightful sharing session. Both parties came together to exchange views on common subjects such as venture capital, innovative sustainable solutions and philanthropic responsibilities.

Mr. Tan Kiam Toen, the late father of Mr. Tan Cheng Gay, has made countless charitable contributions by building schools, hospitals, old folks’ homes, expressways and more in China, his beloved hometown. In addition, Mr. Tan Kiam Toen is the last late donor of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum. He also generously gave up his private office to house the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Jakarta. Mr. Tan Cheng Gay continued his father’s legacy and passed on his core guiding values of perseverance and resilience.

EnGro is a leading provider of superior building materials. It reduces carbon emission during construction with eco-friendly cement and concrete certified by the Singapore Environment Council and the Singapore Green Building Council. This is similar to a Fenghe capital investment on an environmentally-friendly dredging company based in China, which utilizes pressure suction technology to remove residue from water sources.

Mr. Tan Cheng Gay is one of the most prominent figures in the local Chinese community. He pays back to the community by being actively involved in social welfare services and a myriad of charitable causes. He assumes social responsibility as a considerate entrepreneur and leads by example. Mr. Tan is the 43rd President of the Hokkien Huay Kuan and the Vice President of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As the Chinese saying goes, “The earth in its devotion carries all, good and evil, without exception. Man with highest virtue tolerates all, good and evil, without fail.” Mr. Tan believes that true wealth is fulfilling our mission as a human race to contribute what little we have in making our society a better place. The EnGro Corporation has been providing scholarships to fund outstanding youths from China to further their education in Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore since 2008.

The Li Foundation looks forward to more valuable collaborations with Mr. Tan and EnGro Corporation following this fruitful session. Li Foundation is hopeful in creating positive impact on the society through future partnerships.

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