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Lionel Li Honored with Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for Leadership in Philanthropy

On 2nd June, 2024, the China Council of Lions Club (CCLC) Beijing District hosted the annual “Melvin Jones Fellowship Night” at the Beijing A.C Art Museum Banquet Hall. The event, which also included the annual work summary and awards ceremony of the CCLC Foundation Committee, was attended by over 70 Lions, including District Governor Ms. Liu Haiyan, Past District Governor (PDG) Mr. Ye Ke and other key leaders of the Beijing District.

Mr. Lionel Li, PDG of District 385 (2008-2009), Beijing District CCLC and current Chairman of Li Foundation, was presented with the prestigious “Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for Philanthropic Leadership” during the event. This award recognizes his outstanding contributions to philanthropy and his commitment to social causes. Lionel also serves as the Honorary Advisor of the Melvin Jones Fellowship Club.

The keynote speech by Professor Li Qi from the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, titled “Global Changes and China’s Development,” provided attendees with deep insights into the global economic landscape and China’s role within it. Professor Li’s engaging and humorous presentation captivated the audience, shedding light on China’s economic development and the challenges it faces in a rapidly changing world.

During the awards ceremony, many Lions were recognized for their contributions over the past year. The heartfelt gratitude extended by PDG Qin Bingshuang, the chairman of the Melvin Jones Fellowship Club and CCLC Foundation, highlighted the collective efforts and dedication of all Lions. In his video message from Germany, Lionel congratulated the club on its achievements and expressed his pride in being part of such a dedicated community.

As of 30th April, 2024, 109 Lions in China participated in the Melvin Jones Fellowship donations, contributing a total of over 1 million RMB. The event also included a segment on collaborative giving, emphasizing the importance of pooling resources and expertise to address complex social and environmental challenges more effectively. This approach aligns with the broader goals of the Lions Clubs and reflects the spirit of collective impact in philanthropy.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and Melvin Jones Fellowship

Since 1968, the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has funded and supported millions of lives worldwide through generous donations. The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) is a recognition program that honors individuals who demonstrate dedicated humanitarian services. Donations to LCIF for MJF help fund the foundation’s global efforts in disaster relief, youth development, vision care, and humanitarian causes. The contributions from Lions in China are used locally, enhancing the well-being of the recipients and reflecting the spirit of giving that lights up their paths. Joining the Melvin Jones Fellowship Club allows members to shine as the brightest stars in the philanthropic night sky.

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