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Inspiring Asia Micro-Documentary Film Festival 2023 Won DNA Paris Design Awards

We are thrilled to announce that the Inspiring Asia Micro-Documentary Film Festival 2023 has won the Communication Design Award at the prestigious DNA Paris Design Awards 2024! These awards recognize outstanding creativity and innovation across various design fields, including architecture, interior design, landscape design, product design, and graphic design.

Presented by the Li Foundation and supported by the Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC), the Inspiring Asia Micro-Documentary Film Festival is a unique platform dedicated to showcase the spirit of Asia through powerful storytelling. The festival features compelling micro-films that highlight social innovation, sustainability, and the rich cultural heritage of Asia.

Winning the DNA Paris Design Awards recognizes the festival’s excellence in visual identity, and overall aesthetic presentation and branding. This award underscores our commitment to effectively convey our mission and engage our audience through innovative and impactful design.

This recognition highlights our dedication to fostering creativity and innovation through impactful initiatives. The Inspiring Asia Micro-Documentary Film Festival 2023 was a labor of love, meticulously prepared over the past year. Through powerful microfilms and imagery, we explored and expressed the diverse and dynamic spirit of Asia.

About Inspiring Asia

The Inspiring Asia Micro-Film Festival is a vibrant platform dedicated to showcasing Asia’s rich cultural tapestry through powerful microfilms. With content deeply rooted in the region, the festival explores the heart of humanity, uncovering inspiring stories that embody the love, inclusiveness, diligence, and dreams of Asians. Through the theme of “Inspiring Asia,” the festival celebrates the spirit, values, and resilience of Asians, striving to make Asia a better place for all. By uniting filmmakers, philanthropists, and community leaders, Inspiring Asia fosters meaningful connections and amplifies impactful initiatives across the region, driving collective efforts towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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