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Innovating for Society: Li Foundation – DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Forum

On February 5th, 2024, a landmark event unfolded at City Sprouts @ Henderson, as Li Foundation and DBS Foundation joint forces to unite China’s philanthropic leaders with the essence of Singapore’s social entrepreneurship. This unique forum served not only as a gathering point but also as a cultural bridge, with the aim of showcasing and exploring into Singapore’s innovative strategies for social advancement.

The gathering placed a spotlight on the power of cross-cultural collaboration and partnership, illuminating the forward-thinking strategies and actions that Singapore has adopted to enhance societal well-being. The event encompassed engaging discussions, fostering an insightful dialogue and exchanges with representatives from social enterprises such as FingerDance, Gentle Foods, Alchemy Foodtech, and City Sprouts, all of which have received support from the DBS Foundation. These conversations revealed the innovative approaches adopted by each organization in tackling diverse social issues, ranging from enhancing food accessibility for individuals with disabilities to spearheading advancements in food technologies to promote better health.

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A pivotal moment at the forum was the introduction of the Asia Impact First Fund (AIFF) by Mr. Chik Wai Chiew, CEO of Heritas Capital. This announcement emphasized the vital importance of financial support in scaling the efforts and impact of social entrepreneurs across the region. The AIFF represents a key innovation in funding mechanisms designed to advance social good.

Reflecting on the forum, Li Foundation affirms its crucial position as a connector in the realm of global philanthropy, facilitating the linkage between leaders and advocates to nurture significant social impact. This event underscored our dedication in promoting cross-border collaboration and innovation for societal betterment. Energized by this gathering, we are committed to advancing initiatives that leverage collective efforts for impactful social change, envisioning a future shaped by innovative and collaborative solutions.

A Showcase of Innovative Solutions

Heritas Capital

Heritas Capital is a Singapore-based investment firm that manages private equity and venture capital, specializing in healthcare, education, and technology sectors, with a focus on driving inclusive growth and sustainable returns. As an impact-first investor, Heritas supports businesses that improve community well-being and champions innovative solutions for societal development​.

The Asia Impact First Fund

The Asia Impact First Fund (AIFF), managed by Heritas Capital with DBS Foundation as a knowledge partner, is designed to offer catalytic growth capital to social enterprises in Asia, focusing on both social and environmental impact to foster sustainable development and profitability. 

Gentle Foods

The Gentle Group stands as Singapore’s exclusive company devoted to aiding individuals facing swallowing difficulties, with services tailored for hospitals, nursing homes, and direct consumers. Through its GentleFoods® brand, the company crafts molded puréed food that is not only familiar, safe, and nutritious but also designed to stimulate appetite through its appearance, taste, and aroma.


FingerDance is committed to eliminating the communication barriers faced by nearly 100 million deaf individuals globally through its proprietary large-scale sign language model. This initiative supports AI sign language broadcasting across a wide range of scenarios. By offering customizable digital sign language solutions, FingerDance empowers various industries to build accessible information infrastructures for the deaf community.

Alchemy Foodtech

Alchemy Foodtech is a Singapore-based company that specializes in innovative food solutions aimed at combating diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases. With a focus on preventive health, Alchemy Foodtech is leading the charge in food science to help consumers manage their blood sugar levels more effectively, contributing to the overall health and well-being of the community.

City Sprouts

City Sprouts @ Henderson revitalizes urban landscapes into vibrant farming hubs, with its flagship project transforming a section of the old Henderson Secondary School. It fosters intergenerational ties by engaging neighboring nursing homes and childcare centers and supports community growth through green spaces and educational initiatives focused on social and environmental awareness.

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