Fair, Responsible and Productive
Migration Pathways

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In 2021, building off a feasibility study into an Employer Certification Scheme, Li Foundation, Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) and 6 other APC members explored setting up an alternative, fair, responsible and productive migration pathway for Bangladeshi migrant construction workers to come to Singapore. This project has now transitioned into the pilot development phase, and APC is working with key partners in Bangladesh and Singapore to pilot an alternative pathway by late 2022.

Fair, Responsible and Productive Migration Pathways

Migrant workers can face an array of challenges in the migration process, including navigating through multiple layers of stakeholders, high recruitment fees and not being trained in the skills they need for their jobs. A recent 2021 study on migrant workers of Singapore reported that the median recruitment fee paid by Bangladeshi workers is three times higher than that paid by Indian workers. Given that the majority of Bangladeshi migrant workers need to borrow money to finance their recruitment fees, Bangladeshi migrant workers are often arriving in Singapore with huge financial burdens even before they start work. This is a systemic issue that requires a systemic response.

The pilot, which is currently in development, will address these systemic issues by engaging with like-minded partners and streamlining the migration pathway, reducing recruitment fees and improving the transparency of fees, and ensuring workers are experienced or trained in the exact skills needed for their jobs.

42.195 & Beyond


Published: December 2018, Singapore
ISBN: 978-981-11-9544-0

The book showcases how the participants challenged their limits and conquered the World Marathon Challenge and North Pole Marathon to inspire people to challenge their own limits and pursue their dreams boldly.

1045 追梦的距离


Published: October 2019, Taiwan
ISBN: 978-986-98278-0-5

The book tells the stories behind the event which saw the largest number of people in history running  1045km round Taiwan in 19 days.