Exploring the Impactful Journey with the TENG Company
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Inspiring through Music: Exploring the Impactful Journey with the TENG Company

Following a conversation that took place earlier in July, Li Foundation embarked on a journey of inspiring interaction within the realm of arts and music with the Teng Company, a leading Singaporean not-for-profit arts organization, centred around a Chinese chamber music ensemble, The TENG Ensemble. It is renowned for its dedication to push the boundaries of Chinese music and utilizing it as a catalyst for enriching lives and promoting lifelong learning.

During this interaction, both entities were engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas that explored the transformative power of arts and music in making an impact on individuals and communities alike. Together, they delved into innovative approaches to harmonize Chinese musical heritage with Singapore’s unique identity, driven by the shared aspiration to inspire others and leave an indelible impression through their artistic pursuits.

Among the key focal points of this collaborative endeavor was the highly anticipated Inspiring Asia Short Documentary Film Festival 2023. With unwavering vision and enthusiasm, both Li Foundation and the TENG Company expressed their commitment to this festival, which aims to showcase compelling stories from across Asia, fostering cultural understanding and igniting meaningful conversations.

The convergence between Li Foundation and the TENG Company has laid the groundwork for future collaborations that will push creative boundaries. Together, they aspire to ignite a sense of inspiration and generate a meaningful impact by leveraging the power of arts and music to celebrate diversity and foster positive change. Their collective efforts aim to shape a vibrant artistic landscape that profoundly resonates with audiences, creating a lasting impact on society.

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