Exchange session with the rumah foundation
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Exchange session with the Rumah Foundation

In the recent Asia Philanthropy Circle’s (“APC”) annual event, venn2021, Li Foundation Chairman, Lionel had the chance to meet up again with Kathlyn and Thomas, both Directors at The Rumah Foundation (“TRF”). A lasting impression was cast on Lionel and his two sons a few years ago when they first participated a documentary screening event organized by TRF on ocean protection.

Both foundations went deeper into sharing our common interest and passion for modern art, media, and philanthropy. Lionel elaborated on the initial intention and vision of the “Inspiring Asia – The Asian Spirt” charity short-documentary project, sincerely inviting TRF to be a member of the organizing committee. Both parties have expressed great enthusiasm and hope to jointly promote this project on the APC platform. By motivating members of APC to encourage the young artists to produce short documentaries of inspiring stories of a person or charity projects, hence to further uncover and dissect the Asian Spirit and Impact.

Moreover, both foundations had in-depth discussions around community development, children/youths at risk, education, ocean protection, climate resilience and more, we realized the two key focus we must not forget are: i) sustainability and ii) social impact of our projects. By identifying innovative and sustainable solutions to address social challenges, we can then integrate them into our ecosystem to create a multiplier effect, resulting in a magnified impact!

Kathlyn is an ambassador of Project Aware and they are both the Co-Founders of Coastal Natives, a community of ocean advocates working to bring the magic and importance of the ocean to new audiences. They offer a fun platform to learn more about the environment and it also reminds us of our connection to the sea and the need to protect this precious ecosystem that we heavily depend on.

The Rumah Foundation

Philanthropic arm of the Rumah Group, a family office based in Singapore.  Rumah means ‘home’, a nod to the family’s heritage as they explore the region and advocate for causes that they feel strongly about.

Exchange session with the rumah foundation

Waves of Change Festival 2021: Film & AR.T

Coastal Native is organizing a festival event to inspire love, care and change for the ocean! Happening this weekend till 31st December 2021 at the ArtScience Musuem, we’ll like to invite you to join us to learn about both the wonders and plight of the ocean, as well as what we can do to change for the better through immersive screenings, innovative art and a variety of illuminating workshops.

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