Embracing J.P. Morgan's "LEARN, EARN, RETURN" Philosophy
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Embracing J.P. Morgan’s “LEARN, EARN, RETURN” Philosophy

Li Foundation, known for its commitment to philanthropy, had an enlightening meeting with Ms. Jean Sung, the head of The Philanthropy Centre at J.P. Morgan. The core discussion revolved around Ms. Sung’s concept of ‘LEARN, EARN, RETURN,’ a profound ideology that stresses the importance of education, financial independence, and giving back to society.

Ms. Sung portrayed ‘LEARN’ as a journey of continuous education and the constant evolution of skills. In her view, ‘EARN’ speaks to the imperative of financial independence, a stepping stone towards freedom and a secured future. The final note, ‘RETURN,’ promotes a culture of giving back to the community, using acquired knowledge, time, and resources to foster positive change.

Resonating strongly with their mission, Li Foundation appreciated and endorsed Ms. Sung’s philosophy. The collaborative dialogue between Li Foundation and The Philanthropy Centre at J.P. Morgan signifies a renewed approach to philanthropy. By embedding the ‘LEARN, EARN, RETURN’ philosophy in their initiatives, they aim to catalyze sustainable growth and foster empowered, self-sufficient communities.

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