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Cultivating Joy: Community Gardens Enrich Elderly Living

In a vibrant celebration of Chinese New Year, residents of Lions Home For The Elders savoured a unique steamboat lunch, delighting in the taste of fresh vegetables harvested from their very own hydroponics system. This initiative, a collaboration between Lions Club of Singapore Meyer and supported by the dedicated efforts of the Lions Gardening Interest Group since 2022, beautifully illustrates the power of community and innovation in enriching the lives of the elderly through horticulture therapy.

The transition to hydroponics, a soil-less farming method, offers an engaging, therapeutic activity for the elderly, allowing them to enjoy the fruits of their labor directly. This initiative is not only about cultivating plants but also about sowing the seeds of joy, sustainability, and community engagement. The dedicated work of the Home’s staff in learning and maintaining the system ensures a steady supply of fresh produce for future steamboat sessions, planned throughout the year.

Looking ahead, this project promises rewarding experiences for residents and staff at both Bishan and Bedok Homes. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration, with Lion volunteers across clubs stepping in to support, sponsor, and volunteer at these gatherings. 

Li Foundation is proud to back such a meaningful initiative, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices and enhancing the lives of the elderly. This Chinese New Year celebration is just the beginning of a tradition that blends cultural festivity with care for the environment and community well-being. Through initiatives like these, Li Foundation continues to foster sustainable, inclusive communities, nurturing joy and well-being for all, one harvest at a time.

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