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Connecting with Tanoto Foundation

At Tanoto Foundation, they harness the transformative power of education to realize people’s full potential. They are a group of people who unites in their commitment to accelerate opportunity, create choice and improve lives through quality education.

Founded by Sukanto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto, they started their philanthropic activities in 1981 when they established a kindergarten and primary school in Besitang, North Sumatra. Since then, their programs have rapidly evolved into an integrated social development initiative. Education has been the focus of their attention for many years as around the region, many face the obstacle of limited access to quality education. More often than not, this situation is the result of poverty and they do not have the opportunity to empower themselves and break out of the poverty cycle.

Quality education accelerates equal opportunity.


Meeting with TF’s CEO, Dr. Satrijo and Country Head, Ms. Fenny, we had the chance to uncover TF’s 40 years of philanthropy journey that is still going strong till today. In Singapore, the Foundation not only sponsors university scholarships, but also supports early childhood development and medical research into diseases prevalent in Asia.

TF and LIF recently collaborated in a Regional Early Childhood Development research that the Asia Philanthropy Circle coordinated. The study will focus on the World Bank’s 25 Key Interventions essential to child growth and development, as well as on 5 Key Intervention areas: Nutrition, Health, Water and Sanitation, Education, and Social Protection in 4 countries, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Philippines.

Taking this as our first step, with common visions and goals ahead, we look forward to future collaborations, especially in providing a platform that will enable the next generation of changemakers with opportunities in making an IMPACT with us.

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