Nature is Life: Let’s protect it with Conservation International

On a lovely afternoon, Li Foundation paid a visit to the Conservation International (CI) office here in Singapore. Established in 1987, CI is a global non-profit organization focused on environmental conservation and sustainable development. It operates with the vision of creating a healthy and sustainable planet for all by protecting nature for the benefit of […]

Exploring the pillars of sustainability with WWF Singapore


In a continuous effort to broaden its horizons and deepen its understanding of global sustainability, Li Foundation recently met with Ms. Rindy Zhang, Philanthropy Lead at WWF Singapore. The highlight of this interaction was the insightful presentation she shared with us on how the world’s largest conservation organization founded in 1961 that works in the […]

Supporting changemakers to build a better world

Supporting changemakers to build a better world

Inspired by interconnectedness, the Nguyễn-Phương Family holds the belief that every individual deserves to live with dignity. Their goal is to create and facilitate the connections for the betterment of the world through engagement of changemakers leaving the world a little better than they found it. LIF met with Jeremy Nguyễn Phương, co-founder of Udentity, […]

Champion Every Potential: A Dialogue with Community Chest

Champion Every Potential: A Dialogue with Community Chest

Li Foundation recently had a meeting with Mr. Chew Sutat, the esteemed Chairman of Community Chest, philanthropy and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in Singapore. This was not just a routine interaction, but one that explores potential collaborations and ways to enhance the impact of social service and philanthropy in […]

Inspiring through Music: Exploring the Impactful Journey with the TENG Company

Exploring the Impactful Journey with the TENG Company

Following a conversation that took place earlier in July, Li Foundation embarked on a journey of inspiring interaction within the realm of arts and music with the Teng Company, a leading Singaporean not-for-profit arts organization, centred around a Chinese chamber music ensemble, The TENG Ensemble. It is renowned for its dedication to push the boundaries […]

Uniting for Global Impact with the Bill & Melinda GATES Foundation

Uniting for Global Impact with the Bill & Melinda GATES Foundation

The pursuit of transformative change recently led Li Foundation to an enriching interaction with Ms. Ruixi Hao, Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This meeting served as a platform to discuss various facets of global philanthropy and examine the potential of future collaborations. The dialogue encompassed a diverse range of initiatives, like […]

Bloomberg Philanthropies – Harnessing the Power of Arts and Culture

Bloomberg Philanthropies - Harnessing the Power of Arts and Culture

Bloomberg Philanthropies believes in harnessing the power of arts and culture to inspire creativity and spark collaboration to improve communities across the globe. Their unique approach to save and improve lives around the world is grounded in Mr. Michael R. Bloomberg’s experience as the founder of Bloomberg L.P., a global technology and media company and […]

Embracing J.P. Morgan’s “LEARN, EARN, RETURN” Philosophy

Embracing J.P. Morgan's "LEARN, EARN, RETURN" Philosophy

Li Foundation, known for its commitment to philanthropy, had an enlightening meeting with Ms. Jean Sung, the head of The Philanthropy Centre at J.P. Morgan. The core discussion revolved around Ms. Sung’s concept of ‘LEARN, EARN, RETURN,’ a profound ideology that stresses the importance of education, financial independence, and giving back to society. Ms. Sung […]

Forging Synergies: Connecting with DBS Foundation

Forging Synergies: Connecting with DBS Foundation

On May 17, 2023, Li Foundation had an enriching encounter with the DBS Foundation, an organization known for its unwavering dedication to promoting social entrepreneurship and community impact. DBS Foundation, as Singapore’s pioneering foundation, focuses on advocacy, nurturing, and integrating social responsibility into business strategies. Their commitment to championing businesses for impact has been a […]

Collaboration with SAS Foundation

The mission of the SAS Foundation Limited (registered in Singapore) was established to support and enhance the exemplary educational programs at SAS by providing additional sources of funding, through donations and grants. Their mission is to provide charitable funding for educational programs, operations and capital initiatives at Singapore American School and for SAS student educational […]

42.195 & Beyond


Published: December 2018, Singapore
ISBN: 978-981-11-9544-0

The book showcases how the participants challenged their limits and conquered the World Marathon Challenge and North Pole Marathon to inspire people to challenge their own limits and pursue their dreams boldly.

1045 追梦的距离


Published: October 2019, Taiwan
ISBN: 978-986-98278-0-5

The book tells the stories behind the event which saw the largest number of people in history running  1045km round Taiwan in 19 days.