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20 Years of TENG – Music for Good

In celebration of 20 years of harnessing the power of Music for Good, The TENG Company’s 20th Anniversary Gala Night was graced by President Tharman Shanmugaratnam. Li Foundation had an extraordinary evening filled with great company, delectable food and a preview of ‘起承转合 – The Singaporean Composers Series’ concert celebrating 20 local creatives with 10 new original commissions performed by The TENG Ensemble.

The Gala Night achieved significant fundraising success, enabling the support of TENG’s initiatives such as TENG Gives Back, In-School Programmes for Targeted Students, Music for Mindfulness, Industry Empowerment, and more. They concluded an incredible weekend with The Singaporean Composers Series concert with nearly 1000 audience over two evenings with a sold-out show on Sunday, as a part of Cultural Extravaganza 2024. The TENG Company has come this far with the support of many and will continue to use the power of Music for Good to uplift lives and empower communities.

The TENG Company

The TENG Company is a leading not-for-profit Singaporean arts company that reimagines the possibilities of Chinese music to expand creative boundaries, enrich the lives of the vulnerable and empower lifelong learning. Inspiring and impacting by fusing a Chinese musical heritage with their unique Singaporean identity, Teng innovates and collaborates to inspire engagement through their music in fulfilling their mission in three areas: artistically innovative projects, social impact programs and industry empowerment efforts.

Li Foundation and The Teng Company put together the “Using Music For Good: The TENG Company” short documentary in the Inspiring Asia Micro-Documentary Film Festival 2023. A captivating short documentary that explores the mission of a Singaporean music company that harnesses the transformative power of music for positive change.

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